What are some advanced headlights to pay?


Xenon and even the best LED headlights on the market - already the last century. New cars are entering the market with matrix and laser headlights. But what type of optics really increases security in the dark, and which only a marketing move and extorting money? Experts understand the question.

While autonomous cars still do not plow world open spaces in a mass order, the driver is responsible for management . And as before, one of the main parameters for it is good visibility, therefore, in the car, such characteristics as visibility and illumination of the road at night remain important . For the last point, the experts put all types of headlights on the shelves.

They laid out in the literal sense - experts of the American Consumer Union, which has its own laboratories and test sites, provided detailed characteristics of all modern car headlights - from simple halogen caps to laser lights, as well as adaptive and turning, and even standard night vision systems.

If you believe advertising descriptions, the optics of the new type can provide bright illumination, a longer beam of light - up to 600 meters ahead and even the recognition of pedestrians and animals almost before they appear on the road.



So, we are talking about headlights, foglights in the corners of the front bumper, which are lit one at a time depending on the turn of the steering wheel and thus illuminate the turn. It's not bad in the parking lot, or in the movement at night along a winding road. The experts of Consumer Reports didn’t have a single opinion on tests of turning lights, so experts suggest that consumers decide whether they need such a paid option.


Xenon headlights are a sore subject for Russian consumers. Too many drivers had to deal with the so-called collective xenon, which blinds the oncoming lane and causes a sea of ​​negative emotions, and shines worse than regular xenon.

HID headlights are optics that use xenon gas. Even linzed headlights are not enough to install xenon, since if the headlight was not originally designed for installing xenon, the heating parameters, the size and brightness of xenon and halogen were not taken into account.

But American experts analyzed all the same "correct" regular xenon. The first conclusion: due to lower temperatures, such lamps last longer , but at the output their replacement will cost much more. But in general, experts did not see any special advantages over good halogen optics.

The headlights, which the manufacturers call LED, can be light guide - when a pair of diodes in the tubes are lit, filling them with light, and LED - when the whole line is a diode. Fiber optic cables are mainly used in rear lights due to their lower cost.