BlackBird Review: The secret engine that powers $10M/month in sales

I’ve been using Amazon’s affiliate application for a bit over years and during that point I’ve had plenty of success with it. In truth, this earnings supply became the second one largest bite of my overall $150k+ 2010 income. If I hadn’t sold one among my larger Amazon centered sites ultimate year for six figures this BlackBird review might have easily eclipsed $100,000 by using now.
Amazon profits outcomes For final 2 Years $ninety,336.65:
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adequate, seeing my earnings is super and all but how does it help you? properly, the purpose I show a display screen shot is to make sure you know that the recommendation I’m sharing is based totally on stuff I truly recognize and that this isn’t simply every other one of those listing posts constructed on fluff that sucks.
one of the things I’ve executed over the past two years is song the strategies i take advantage of to make cash with Amazon by using tracking IDs in addition to keeping music of other matters I’ve finished while building up my Amazon web sites. I to start with posted my findings in two weblog posts early last year once I first launched this weblog and even these days they may be nevertheless a few of the most famous posts (here and here). Now it’s been over a yr and nowadays I’m presenting an updated listing of information inclusive of numerous new tips that I’ve discovered since that point.
pinnacle 20 methods To Make cash With Amazon friends:
1. niche selection Is crucial
I’ll get to the actual methods i use on my websites in the subsequent pointers, but the first factor I need to mention is that the niche you pick is the absolute most critical choice you can make.
i really like to goal bodily product centered niches and key phrases
It’s easiest to make cash the use of Amazon’s associate software if the people coming in your website are looking for a specific product that your website discusses. It’s greater difficult to use a website like my YT Affiliate Formula Review here and make money linking to physical merchandise due to the fact the humans coming here are seeking out recommendation on how to earn cash on line – no longer what iPod audio system they should purchase.
2. link To merchandise interior Your content
more or less half of of my Amazon profits comes from basic text links posted inside the content body location of a weblog submit or web page.
instance: check out this cool helicopter. I’ve been covering these RC helicopters for months and that i’ve never visible this one priced for simplest $25.98 properly off it’s $129.ninety five listing fee.
simple text links within the content material of an article are the only way to get web site visitors to click on. humans consider the frame of the content material on a page more so than another place of the website and i know this due to the fact the tracking facts I’ve accrued.
three. Make Product pics Clickable affiliate hyperlinks:

the second one quality thing I’ve discovered next to a easy text link is to apply images of the product you’re speakme approximately and lead them to clickable like this cool usb missile launcher:
kind of 15% of my overall Amazon income has come from in reality making all of the product pics on my websites clickable affiliate hyperlinks.
in case you’re not certain a way to do this with the HTML code, I made an picture to expose you (click on right here to look it)
4. hyperlink To As in many instances viable
I alluded to this inside the previous couple of suggestions but I need to make sure you take into account that every hyperlink internal one among your articles is some other opportunity for a vacationer to click via and make their manner onto
It’s not unusual for me to link to Amazon five to 10 instances in a unmarried article (extra if I’m doing a product review).
5. Product review Articles Convert The high-quality
Doing a satisfactory product overview for a product immediately related to your niche is a completely easy manner to garner better click via fees and extended income, but most effective if your assessment is higher first-rate.
preferably you touch the manufacturer’s advertising and marketing crew or PR employer and get them to ship you a demo unit of the product to check, but this takes a whole lot of effort and might not be well worth it on a smaller traffic website online (at the start).
You need to convince the reader to research their purchase alternatives by the point they end analyzing a piece of writing, that is why I’ll continually consist of hyperlinks to all of the products noted in a evaluation on the give up of the object. That way it’s an clean transition from studying about the product all through your evaluation after which on the quit it’s time to make a purchase.
instance: See this USB Missile Launcher on
6. build An e-mail listing
You’ve possibly heard this a hundred instances by using humans telling you to construct an e mail listing from the blogger and internet advertising crowd, but building an electronic mail list is manner less complicated on a physical product orientated internet site.
Why? humans don’t have their protect up when they're discovering a bodily product to buy (whilst compared to other buy choices on line i.e. digital goods). So what I love to do is offer a few type of freebie like a customers guide or some form of information that gives extra information about the goods they’re gaining knowledge of.
at the turn facet, I’d love which will be part of my email list for this weblog however I have to be a little extra convincing by way of showing you that I’m a reputable resource first. (Already satisfied? sign up here ;D)
For my e-newsletter provider i take advantage of Aweber and surprisingly advise them. normal I may want to attribute at the least 5 to ten percentage of my total income because of my email listsbecause i really like to consciousness on promoting merchandise heavily to my lists during the vacations which leads into my next tip.
7. Write income And Promos in the course of The vacations
I commonly made among $500 and $1,000 a day every day at some stage in Black Friday Week, Cyber Monday and Cyber Week. it's far lower at some point of different holidays like mom’s Day, Father’s Day, Presidents Day, Valentines Day and so forth. however you can nevertheless sell numerous income throughout these holidays as well. I goal each excursion due to the fact Amazon creates an actual dedicated sales page whenever this sort of holidays come round. The deals shared on these pages are commonly absolutely right too.
So what I’ll do is put together a piece of writing of all of the top products which are on sale in my niche using the suggestions I’ve shared earlier like linking as oftentimes as possible, making the product picture clickable after which sending out an e-mail to my list and many others. to get even greater conversions.
Stats From A “Cyber Monday (My area of interest) reductions” publish remaining 12 months

(a number of that site visitors pop is also attributed to the day I mail out to my email lists even though)
For the structure of these articles i love to target a frequently searched keyword together with “Cyber Monday (My niche) discounts” and so forth. due to the fact I recognize people search for “Cyber Monday” and “Black Friday” tens of millions of instances each yr but additionally they search an extended shape model like “Cyber Monday (My area of interest) reductions” as evidenced by means of the above traffic graph from one of my Amazon sites

eight. promote large quantities Of cheaper merchandise to boost Your Payout On steeply-priced products
One issue I do is have web sites which can be set up in lower opposition niches where the items normally aren’t as steeply-priced and wherein it’s simpler to sell these merchandise in larger quantities ($50 or less). Then i have other niche sites that promote greater pricey merchandise at a great deal higher fees ($XXX – $X,XXX) which are offered less often. So this way i am getting to apply the elevated amount of sales from these lower priced product web sites to assist me stand up into better payout brackets so instead of making 6% on that high quit item I’ll get eight% instead.
9. Use more than one monitoring id’s For every website
by way of default Amazon assigns you one monitoring identification like blahblahblah-20 however you may create additional monitoring identification’s here up to a total of one hundred. if you hit that general you can continually ask for more so sense free to be liberal along with your creation of monitoring identity’s for your web sites.
You wouldn’t installation the identical Google Analytics code on every single website you very own proper? Of route now not, because you wouldn’t be able to inform how a good deal visitors every of your websites had been receiving individually. So the identical element can be stated for monitoring the cash you're making for your websites (and but human beings still tell me they use handiest one Amazon tracking identification for all of their websites /facepalm). inside the beyond I’ve long past thus far as to create 15 one of a kind tracking identity’s for use on a single internet site.
10. Use EasyAzon To keep Time And Make extra cash With Amazon
one of the methods I’ve also been able to make good cash with Amazon is to mechanically populate data from a WordPress plugin that I had advanced based on the wishes I had for building Amazon centric websites. The end result was EasyAzon. The plugin lets in you to insert statistics and affiliate hyperlinks to Amazon in a far faster way than growing the links your self with the aid of hand from
brief precis: essentially what the plugin does is allow you to quick insert a textual content primarily based associate link, the image of the product as an affiliate hyperlink, a product statistics grid, convert US Amazon hyperlinks to united kingdom, GR and so forth. thru link localization and so forth. and many others. and have all the ones things be associate links to so it does a extraordinary job of enhancing click via costs.
The plugin is presently simplest $forty seven and to be had at
eleven. Insert buy Now Button Into Your Articles
that is something that EasyAzon may want to do for you, but in case you don’t need to spend the money you can simply insert your very own buy now button and flip it into an Amazon affiliate hyperlink.
12. Create A Product comparison Grid
creating a product evaluation grid for all of the goods inside your niche and allowing human beings to kind by various features is a notable way to get a few additional income. I’ve used this tactic on several of my web sites and the product comparison web page alone can upload an additional 5% to 10% earnings increase for a website.
if you do it manually you’ll want to apply this WordPress plugin referred to as WP table Reloaded and what I do is encompass numerous columns for information approximately the product and within the final column i take advantage of a purchase now button that humans can click on to look greater information about the product.
thirteen. put up A habitual offers publish
if you need to discover a manner to be able to mention merchandise that are on sale greater regularly in your internet site one of the simplest approaches I’ve done that inside the past is to just do a weekly deals submit. So what I’ll do is submit a put up each week with the satisfactory offers for my area of interest and then comprise all the previous methods I’ve mentioned above to hyperlink to the goods on relying on how regularly you submit articles you could do it more or much less often (I’ve visible some websites do those fashion of articles every day).
14. post A monthly Bestseller list
Amazon has a bestseller page observed genuinely at and so one thing I’ve carried out on my site is put up a bestsellers list and honestly mention the presently trending bestsellers. commonly speaking the cream rises to the pinnacle so in case you write an editorial talking approximately the bestselling products the ones are likely to be the great products your site visitors are looking to buy besides.
simply go to and look for your respective niche category. I shoot for pinnacle 5 or top 10 merchandise.
15. Use native purchasing commercials Over Static Banner ads
update: I used to recommend carousel fashion Amazon advertisements, but they don’t exist anymore. once I used them they converted about 3 times better than static style Amazon banner ads. I propose using native buying ads as a substitute which is largely a substitute to the carousel fashion ads but lets in for greater flexibility. you can display merchandise with the aid of advice from the content material, by seek or with other alternatives. here is what the a native shopping advert looks as if for the keyword seek “Chris Guthrie” Amazon displays the Kindle books I’ve written:

you could create the Amazon local purchasing advertisements internal your Amazon pals account here and you’re capable of manually upload merchandise or just display bestselling products from a selected category.
sixteen. Don’t hassle developing An Amazon Astore
once I created a shop web page and used the Amazon Astore device to “construct my personal shop” i discovered it transformed terribly. less than 1% of my total earnings got here from Amazon Astore pages before i stopped using them. if you’re not familiar with Astore’s just take my word for it once I say they suck.
I recognise humans want to store, however once in a while I consider they’d alternatively simply find a aid that tells them what the high-quality deal is rather. whatever the motive, the tracking data I used to track my Amazon Astore’s confirmed that they mechanically underperformed.
17. Use A website format That Improves Conversions
I’ve been the use of Amazon’s associate software closely for a little over years now and the one issue i discovered via steady trying out is that the layout of your internet site matters in relation to how nicely it converts casual visitors into affiliate sales.
Armed with this know-how you’d assume that human beings would spend more time trying out their subject or website layout to decide the most fulfilling manner to make cash from their internet site proper? nicely, I nevertheless see some of the worst changing themes round and that’s why I clearly paid for a topic to be created mainly for those physical product focused web sites I had been building.
Azon subject Created:
I spent round $2,000 at the creation and next modifications of Azon subject. It’s basically a topic with a ton of different options that has developed based totally by myself checking out and the comments from contributors of my area of interest income route(all clients get Azon topic and the enhancements free of charge). you can watch a brief video which covers a number of the Azon topic alternatives here and if you want to shop for it there the rate is $97 just $10 however you may even get it at no cost whilst you sign on for internet website hosting using my hyperlink (See complete info over at area of interest income direction)
18. simply Get human beings directly to
I recognize 30% of my profits came from merchandise human beings offered because I happened to be the one that despatched them onto for instance, I bought an eye some time in the past for $5,000 and got a $four hundred commission but I don’t even own a website that even remotely discusses watches. that is one of the different motives why i love the use of Amazon’s affiliate program.
while you ship a person to you get a percentage of some thing they purchase for the subsequent 24 hours (30 days in the event that they delivered an item to their cart) so if you could simply get them onto the internet site and that they manifest to buy some thing completely unrelated you’ll get the money for it.
Amazon spends hundreds of thousands of greenbacks on improving the manner they get human beings to transform. The reality that they offer a custom user revel in for each person that is going to based totally at the buying conduct and viewing styles tells me they recognize what it takes to close a sale. some of the satisfactory closing recommendation i'm able to deliver is to definitely locate approaches to get your site visitors onto the web site and that they’ll deal with the rest.
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Wrap Up
this text has taken me numerous hours to create and edit so I’d like to hear your feedback. Please let me understand what you observed of my suggestions by posting inside the remarks under. As constantly, because i love my readers I respond to each and every query that is available in so get to it!

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