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If you intend to sell "high-ticket" items this season, you need to improve your melody because what used to work won't in the foreseeable future.
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Recently, you'll find success if you had a good marketing funnel. I, too, found success such as this. I in the beginning built two seven-figure businesses with simple marketing funnels that cared for everyone the same.
- The same e-mails to the same people in the same collection.
- A guide that could lead to a funnel that lead to a webinar that lead to an offer.
This worked well. Whether you sold a $37 product or $997 one, this is the ultimate way to succeed at online marketing. But, maybe you've seen this isn't the truth any longer. Maybe you're experiencing higher costs and lower interactions.
It won't progress; not if you retain doing what you did, and particularly if you sell high-ticket stuff like one-on-one training, training programs or consultancy.
So what's the choice?
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Introducing the "Relevancy Funnel"
I kept realizing my costs increasing and my ROI heading down. My clients explained that they had the same concern, and because I help business owners create relevant marketing that works, I had a need to fix this issue.
This started out in 2016 after i created the SSF Method, which places your audience into one of three recognition levels:
- Sidewalk: unaware they have a pain or problems
- Slow Street: aware they are having issues, but uncertain what the procedure is
- Fast Street: alert to the procedure, but uncertain of the perfect solution is
For some time, this is enough, but I soon became aware I had a need to go deeper — specially when thinking about how precisely to market high-ticket items, because for you to definitely spend $997-plus you will need to make trust. And the only path to build rely upon 2018 is to be omnipresent and relevant, and that means you transform in to the go-to expert in your industry.
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That is when the "Relevancy Funnel" was created, because it will take the foundations of the SSF Method and combines it with omnipresence and relevance which means you become (and stay) top of brain.
This is one way you create it.
1. Concentrate on your slow street.
It's not to state those in your sidewalk and fast street aren't important, because they're. But, if you do a restricted budget, you will need to give attention to those you could have the biggest effect on. These people tend to be in your slow-moving lane, in particular when retailing a high-ticket item.
Why? Because these folks realize they are having issues, but don't yet understand the strategy or process leading them from pain to redemption. So, if you do a successful process that will solve their problem, you will begin to convert into an expert physique they trust.
Achieving this is simpler than you think, and it commences by maintaining your message simple.
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2. Create a straightforward guide.
Those in your poor lane are wanting to ingest something more in-depth than those in your sidewalk. I've found a guide is most effective, between 14-23 internet pages long (a 20-25-minute investment). The goal of this guide is to provide the challenge and remind them with their pain, so they become needy to unearth the answer. Following this, you show the proven process you utilize and literally hand out your methodology.
Giving them this free of charge, you suggest to them what life could end up like only if they can defeat their problem. And because all of this is in a straightforward guide, you retain their attention. No webinar. No concern. No complications. Only a simple guide that presents them what they have to do, and this if indeed they need further support, you can help.
3. Get them over a phone call.
When providing a high-ticket item, your target ought to be to have them on the telephone (either along with you or your sales rep). But, this might not exactly happen right away — in reality, you don't need it to happen immediately, because if they are instantly willing to offer what you would like, it shows their desperation.
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And these type of folks have a tendency to be the more serious kind of customer.
So, if indeed they don't convert immediately, continue steadily to retarget them and subject matter them (email, Facebook advertising, video recording, etc.) where you verify your process and expose these to successful circumstance studies. Permit them to see that process works for others, and this it could work to them too.
Play the long game, because that's where the magic happens.
4. Concentrate on the unseen ROI
If you're reselling a $20 guide, this won't apply. But, because you're offering a high solution item that will require both your investment and theirs, you want the "right" kind of customer. You want people who'll become advocates and future circumstance studies (action takers who devote the task). But, these kind of customer don't just seem. You will need to earn their trust and create a rapport.
So, as you keep up to show your process, request them into an exclusive Facebook or Linkedin Group, provide further value and keep retargeting them which means you become omnipresent and top of brain.
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With time, you will catch their attention and be the go-to expert who supplies the only solution with their problem. There are certainly others out there, sure; they don't really care and attention because they have obtained into you. The trade-off here's that it requires time, but this unseen ROI is huge because a lot more someone trusts you, the greater they will devote to you when it's high time.


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