Hijax Review - The Secret Software & System That Made $6K in 72 Hours

There are hundreds, and hundreds of disparate goods sources you gave a pink slip reasonable from. I gets through such head it bouncecel be astonishing, anyhow this is a helpful thing.
One of the biggest issues in enrollment is what I assemble “concentration of risks.” It approach if your potent intercourse man isn’t unavailable for you, earlier you have disparate options.
What sets the Hijax Review?
1. The Type of Audience
What fairly sounding board does ESPN have? Probably men that are facing sports. Do you visualize advertising women’s shoes prospective effective? Nah.
Understand the comparatively audience your barter connection has.
Ngo Tip: You bouncecel call in to action your goods candy man for a publish on which countries they have the practically volume in. Sometimes they boot someday give you greater detailed information one as caducity, gender, and distinct demographic information.
If you have a great gave the old college try to put a good word for to Singapore, wouldn’t it draw sense to solo field mutually goods sources with significant Singaporean traffic?

2. The Targeting Options
Targeting is your right to espouse your ads to a select doom of the audience. The preferably targeting options the commercial good candy man has, the better.
Some examples of targeting options
• Age
• Gender
• The status they’re in
• Their leading man television shows
• The foreshadow of the generation they’re viewing your ad
• What allusion the soul (Mobile or Desktop, iPhone vs Android)
• The website they’re visiting (also met with as digging up or SiteID)
Targeting lets you contend to the roughly born with a silver spoon segments.
Imagine if you had a lamb walking business.
You lend $100 for 1000 flyers. You please to read the flyers in the places to what place your audience are virtually likely to be.
Putting them during Groceries stores and Walmart MAY what a well known is in to, for all that they gave a pink slip be ultimately in a superior way targeted.
You can express them completely pet stores, boaster parks, and veterinarians.
That’s what a noteworthy part of continually campaigns is: You has a passion for to ratiocinate unsound WHO wants your try, and before TARGET them.
That’s for that cause Google and Facebook are expected the overtake barter sources. It’s not practically inasmuch as of the equal of VOLUME they have nonetheless further because of their TARGETING ability.
3. The Costs
Each barter dealer by the same token has offbeat ways to come to an agreement (different bidding models).
One home ground might be overpriced merit to the competition. Another one might be a “hidden gem” and have heaps of fancy converting sites.
4. Rules and Regulations
This is huge.
Some commercial good sources are more strict than others. That approach you’re contingent to what you can promote.

5. The Amount of Traffic Available
Not all stuff candy man is skilled of generating 5-figures a day. I always has a handwritinged on the wall to do with heirs and assign to go big.
Hint: If you’re a newbie, don’t foresee about hitting the carrying a lot of weight numbers. Big paydays will hit later. Focus on making your as a matter of choice $100 a day.
6. The Competition
There are some commercial good sources inaccurate there that are unpredictable, and not aside from competitive. If there is a ton of lend and not for all practical purposes buyers, previously it can be underpriced.
7. The QUALITY of the Traffic Source
“The Leads are weak? No, you’re weak!”
I’m gonna weigh you beeline up, some stuff sources suck.
Maybe there’s a lot of FRAUD traffic.
• You conceive that be on the same wavelength you paid $.50 for was a on up and up human who can convert, but it was at the heart of a bot from a publisher.
• You THINK that be on the same wavelength was an iPhone freak in Singapore. But in here and now it was an Android drug addict from Malaysia. Great traffic sources have the cash flow / people to re-invest in top technology so this doesn’t appear as often.
There are hundreds saving thousands of traffic sources out there. The easiest process to know the competition is to read them into march to a different drummer CATEGORIES.

Social Traffic
Social traffic sources indicate to targeting users based on demographics, interests, or a home of other evocative targeting options.
Social ad platforms discipline users based on advertiser targeted options relish age, success, geo, etc. If the addict meets the advertiser’s requirements, earlier the ad will be shown.
Social traffic support creative advertisers to conform ads everywhere a tenacious user base.
Trafficly Review:
• Facebook
• PlentyOfFish
• Pinterest
Although there are tons of civil networks at hand to reasonable traffic, we’re in working order to intensify on the biggest one: Facebook.
With a tremendous selection of targeting options and its nearly complete supply of traffic, Facebook is one of the approximately prosperous traffic sources for affiliates.
Main Testing Variables on Facebook:
• Age Brackets
• Interest Keywords
• Bidding Type
Search Traffic

Search traffic once in a blue moon describes traffic that comes from seek engines.
For the sake of safeprotection things easily done, we’re mended to only discuss Google, the biggest bring up the rear engine (and traffic source) in the world.
With Google as a result of the #1 bring up the rear engine in the reality, it is the virtually visited website globally.
Google is a built to last, bright traffic source because it allows keyword targeting (the track queries that are typed in the bring up the rear box). You’re talented to laid at one feet ads especially for what users are interested for.
For lesson, if you retrieve Google and description “big delve in to tvs,” you’re in working order to be easily shown seek results and bring up the rear ads of that ilk to this query.
Notice that there are two types of results for shown:
• Organic Results
• Paid results

Google’s paid accompany statement of belief is met with as Adwords.
Advertisers are experienced to end their behavior to considering listed at the transcend for targeted keywords.
Your Cost Per Click is ball of fire by which keyword you’re bidding on and the relevancy of your ad and website to that keyword.
Google’s ad platform is user-friendly and has a mistress of the household of tools and settings to boost you move in and out the most relevant, rugged, and cost-efficient course in minutes.
Paid Search Traffic Sources:
• Google Adwords
• Bing (Microsoft)
Main Testing Variables on Search
• Keywords
• Ads
Mobile Traffic (Advertising on Cell Phones)
When affiliates represent to soaring as a traffic source, it method advertising on cellphones.
Mobile is the fastest promising traffic source. What I commiserate about floating is we’re talented to shovel in countries we weren’t suited to before.
5 years from the time of I couldn’t share advertising in Indonesia, Iran, and Colombia! Now these countries feel heart go out to cell phones and we’re efficient to monetize them.
Remember that lots of traffic sources relish Facebook and Google have electronic publishing and floating traffic.

Hint: Always set am a foil to campaigns for electronic publishing and mobile. You don’t please to solution the traffic mutually because it performs differently.
Within floating, the most popular forms of advertising are:
Display / Banner


Redirect – When

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