SmartVideo Review: Honest review, huge discount and special bonuses

SmartVideo by VideoRemix is a fast growing marketing and customer service tool, allowing you to send highly relevant videos tailored for your individual customers.
Drivers for the content, message and composition of the video may be customer intelligence from your CRM or CEM system, online behavior/clicks or external/third party data sources. The engaging videos that are part of a personalized video program may serve various business goals in the field of marketing, advertising, sales and customer service. Among others, some use cases may be:
• Onboarding a new customer by celebrating his booking, explaining his advance payment, insurance policy or subscription
• Upselling or cross-selling based on customer profiles
• Lead generation, in combination with a strong (advertising) campaign
• Personal explanation videos visualiing pension built up, mortgage plans, credit card statements, energy consumption
• Call reduction by answering profile based questions in the video before they are asked
• Recommendations and retargeting based on purchase and click history
Besides the sometimes staggering statistics, Rednun’s personalized video campaigns create unique and memorable experiences within audiences.
Concept is King - Data is Queen
So, how does it work? Can I simply add data to a video, and expect astonishing results?
Unfortunately not. Personalising a video using data is not the same as a personalised video. Developing a personalised video program more often than not requires insights in data science and modelling, profile based video scenario’s and data driven story telling. Adding personalisation to an already great concept will drive your results through the roof. At Rednun we know that Concept is King, but Data is Queen.
What kind of data can we use?
Data science and sophisticated algorithms may be used to compose personal videos that match customer profiles, preferences and needs. Videos may be personalised using: text, images, logo’s, animation, video, audio building blocks, languages, audio concatenation, video scenes, backgrounds, RSS feeds, API feeds (Google).
Personalising your video adds relevance, increases appeal and helps you reach your business objectives faster and against lower costs. The added relevancy proves to be profoundly appealing.
This is substantiated by the fact that up to 85 percent of the people who start watching a Rednun Personalized Video keeps looking until the end.
Big Data
Where data scientists and information officers develop new algorithms and models that produce better profiles and predictions from their data, Rednun comes into play to make these outcomes actionable.
We pair video production with big data technology, utilizing online data for mass personalisation of video communication. Rednun feeds all gathered statistics back into the models of the data scientists in order to help improve your future predictive analysis.
Full Service Solution (Detail: )
Most clients choose to make use of Rednun’s full service solution, where we both develop and produce the video content and add scalable and measurable data driven personalisations. Services may include consultancy about personalising and data modelling, Identification of business goals and KPI’s, concept development, video production and program setup.
Custom or template based
Our clients may opt for a custom video solution or a video based on best practise templates.
In a custom solution, Rednun will develop a dedicated personal video according your briefing, following brand guidelines and matching brand identity. In the templated solution, development starts with scenes, events, stories, personalisations, artwork and building blocks from our library. Clients may compose a new story, choose colours, add text, logo’s and brand elements, music and even text-to-speech audio.
Batched or real-time
Rednun offers two modes of video generation: batch and real-time
Rednun’s batched solutions generates cinematic quality videos, visualising and personalising almost any idea creatives can think of. Data from your CRM / CEM system or another source is imported into the video project, triggering an automatic process that generates the personal videos. After the videos are tagged and stored, a PURL (personal URL) file is created holding a link for each video in formats suitable for web, desktop, mobile and IPTV. Meeting the mobile first strategy most company’s nowadays follow.
Rednun’s technology supports real-time personalized video generation. Through open API’s, Rednun integrates any source of data and kicks-off the rendering process of each personalized video in real-time. The personalized data and video content are seamlessly embedded together within seconds after the play button is hit. Rednun’s real-time solution has a very strong track record in lead generation and new business campaigns.

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