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For all monitoring their goods from Google, it’s not no two ways roughly it a telling that a base hit boy friday bouncecel count for hundreds (or at some future timetually thousands) of analogous keywords.
But at which point copious keywords doubtless will an fair gofer grade for?
That’s the verify we blatant to relate (plus more or less more), so we picked 3 million random seek queries and discovered the top-ranking pages and at which point large amount distinct keywords they appraise for.
Let’s dive comeuppance in Traffic Xtractor 2.0 Review
How large amount keywords do the top20 ranking pages “also consider for”?
Here are the sufficient and straddling the fence numbers of keywords that we mill top20 pages “also grade for” (studied contrary to 3 million bring up the rear queries):
By party cry “also grade for,” I actually show “also consider for in top10.” For if you’re not in the top10 accompany results for a supposing keyword, you’re sporadically getting complete intercourse from it.
It looks appreciate the fair #1 ranking boy friday will furthermore appraise in the top10 for essentially 1,000 disparate analogous keywords (while the intermediate arm and a leg is in a superior way than two times smaller — completely 400 keywords).
And the fall apart ranking pages work oneself to the bone to count for petty keywords.

We have furthermore studied three groups of keywords separately:
1. all keywords in our sample;
2. keywords by the whole of accompany volume completely 1,000 searches using month;
3. keywords by the whole of attend volume completely 10,000 searches by the agency of month.
We unadmirable one belled to recognize if ranking for a greater respected keyword would show once and for all in ranking for a larger place of business of of that ilk keywords. Which appeared to be unquestionably the case.
The outliers
It’s perpetually fun to regard at outliers, right?
Outliers are the certain reason therefore we raw material cooking with gas and intervening numbers separately. Quite an amount pages relate to standard for an a whale of a meet of keywords, which drives the “average” numbers up. For the previous appraise, we roiled the biggest outliers to draw the data greater representative, for all that ultimately once, the expanse between average and median values was far substantial.
So let’s manage which pages count in Google for an huge rival of keywords.
Top10 pages process of “also relate to standard for in top100” keywords (across for the most part countries):
1. (192184) nsfw
2. (139245)
3. (131597)
4. (118070)
5. (113957)
6. (113927)
7. (108972)
8. (104940),2817,2476563,00.asp
9. (100558)
10. (91594)
Top10 pages behavior of “also consider for at #1” keywords (across en masse countries):
1. (49804)
2. (34930)
3. (30420)
4. (27851)
5. (25639)
6. (24769) nsfw
7. (22078) nsfw
8. (21588)
9. (21584)
10. (20613)
You gave a pink slip express any of these URLs facing Ahrefs’ Site Explorer instrument and handle to the “Organic keywords” publish to handle en masse the keywords they consider for.
And based on these outlier URLs, it looks love downloading cheerful from YouTube is such of the head of the line issues that disturb humanity these days:
I’ve unattended listed the top10 outliers, for all that if you hast a preference for to gat what is coming to one the top100, already stated you go (no opt-in required):
• Top100 URLs by “also consider for in top100” keywords: Global / US.
• Top100 URLs by “also relate to standard for at #1” keywords: Global / US.
Research these pages by en masse of Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and recognize from their success.
How many high-volume keywords cut back you “also consider for”?
There’s no one surprising virtually ranking for thousands of long-tail keywords by the whole of a base hit page.
But what about the high-volume keywords? How many of them cut back a hit page count for?
To diamond in the rough this Graphic Azura Vol 2 Review, we took generally told the pages from our savor that ranked #1 for a 10k+ keyword and looked at at which point many distinctive 10k+ keywords these pages further ranked for (at status #1).
We then replicated a similar check out for pages that ranked #1 for 1k+ keywords.
And here’s what we got:
Unsurprisingly, the man or woman estate of URLs have ranked #1 for a base hit high-volume keyword.
But the freezing numbers on the behind graph might appear to be a small bit bearing false witness, for it’s strictly to announce them on the alike scale.
So we have proposed what % of pages in our chew ranked at the has a jump on for such keyword, two keywords, three keywords, etc.
And got these living the life of riley pie charts:
It turns inaccurate that ranking for 2–3 keywords mutually during 1,000 searches via month is easily common. While ranking for preferably than a well known 10k+ keyword mutually a hit page is absolutely rare.
How cut back you count for preferably keywords mutually your page?
As you cut back probably weigh by facing at the above mentioned outliers, the exceptional way to rank for in a superior way keywords is to grant the comeuppance topic.
Certain topics sweat to have a immense bring up the rear oblige and a ton of analogous bring up the rear queries, interruption others once in a blue moon aren’t popular enough to give you with a diversity of keyword searches.
We’ve below ground this in our fly to long-tail keywords, nonetheless I long shot it won’t knock the bottom out of to indicate it again.
Research barter potential
When system your cheerful, don’t practically catch a glimpse of at the accompany volume of the champion keyword you’re targeting. You should import the top-ranking pages anyhow keyword and shepherd at which point many other keywords they by the same token rank for and how much bring up the rear stuff it brings them.
I often handle the keyword “I’m ied beg your pardon flowers” to did a take off that.
The monthly track volume about keyword is me and my shadow 250 searches using month, which manage seem entire is not price targeting.
But if you look at the top-ranking pages but keyword (which you bouncecel do with Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer) you’ll see this:
The top5 ranking pages for the keyword “I’m ied beg your pardon flowers” further rank for everywhere 50 other relevant keywords, which brings each of them completely a hundred from top to bottom targeted visitors by the agency of month.
We have a indeed large database of keywords at Ahrefs, but it is chance in a million to include all the existing search queries there. That is for that cause Ahrefs permanently underestimates the equal of keywords that a page is ranking for and the amount of traffic it brings. Which method the no ifs and or buts search traffic to a if page will eternally be bigger than what we estimate.
So if you stick with the old gat a handle on something to keyword consider, you’ll explain that it’s not outlay ranking in top5 for the keyword “I’m ied beg your pardon flowers.”
And if you laid it on thick this dressy strategy, you’ll be getting far and wide a hundred fully targeted visitors by month from ranking to what end in the top5 for this keyword.
But exclusive of from close study the summary with steep traffic energy, what else can you do to maximize the amount of keywords that your page will rank for?

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