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Josh Warner is leader and creator of Supply Company, which stimulates and distributes brand videos, including promotions such as Levi's "Backflip," Ray-Ban's "Get" and Activision's "Bicycle Hero." In 3 years, Supply has seeded more than 100 videos over the social web.
2009's crop of top viral video tutorial advertising show us that folks are prepared to embrace a bunch of creative strategies on the cultural video recording Web, from beguiling mini-films, to user-generated advocacy, to YouTube star endorsers, to sophisticated commercial-grade productions. That's very good news for creators.
Whatever the approach, the main element for marketers is a good understanding of just what a brand is, who's the brand's audience, and what goes them. Strangely enough, this solution appears like traditional advertising. This year's Top 10 is obviously a glance of the way the viral video advertisement business is innovating, so that as marketers, whatever we can study from that Vidizi Review.
1. Inspired Bicycles
Advertiser: Motivated Bicycles
Ad Firm: N/A
Why it works: Influenced Bicycles' team rider Danny MacAskill scales fences around Edinburgh, Scotland. The training video is really as mesmerizing as its hypnotic soundtrack from group Group of Horses. It's a good example of what sort of brand pursuing a distinct segment market - hill bicycle trailblazers - can reach the public with an excellent viral video recording execution.
Marketer: Schweppes
Ad Firm: Publicis Mojo and @RadicalMedia
Why it works: A love tale with few words, Indications compels you to view until its poignant end. It conclusively dispels the misconception that viral training video executions must be brief and gimmicky to seize your attention.
3. Piano Stairs
Marketer: Volkswagen
Ad Company: DDB Stockholm
Why it works: "Take the steps rather than the escalator and feel better" is something we listen to but didn't often see until this sly video recording from Volkswagen came out on the net. It's part of your inspiring plan, The Fun Theory, that stimulates people to produce fun ways to "do good." The training video itself have well indeed, imbuing Volkswagen with a great new ethos and accumulating an incredible number of views along the way.
Marketer: Boone Oakley
Ad Firm: Boone Oakley
Why it works: Boone Oakley, an advertising company from Charlotte, NEW YORK, uses an interactive YouTube training video in order to its history and showcase consumer work. Audacious and attention-getting, it places the young company on the brief set of advertising agencies who obtain it.
5. Hosting Your Party
Marketer: Microsoft
Ad Firm: N/A
Why it works: This is actually the ultimate anti-viral: a video recording that generates an incredible number of views due to how profoundly it misses the make. Commentary have been impaired, but all you need to do is speak to someone you understand who's observed it to learn why it was so generously approved around.
6. YouTube HD Camera Strategy Challenge
Marketer: Samsung
Ad Company: Viral Factory
Why it works: One cunning way to get people discussing and writing your training video is to make sure they are wonder the method that you shot it to begin with. Samsung visited great lengths to safeguard the "technique" in the training video because of their new HD camera mobile phone, which got technology geeks riled up to try fixing the puzzle. Geeks are actually the audience probably to choose the HD new camera telephone, which explains why this video tutorial makes our Top 10.
7. United Breaks Guitars
Marketer: Dave Carroll
Ad Firm: N/A
Why it works: A distressing experience for just one flyer becomes a pr catastrophe for United Airlines, when musician Dave Carroll runs on the YouTube training video to vent frustrations after his electric guitar is destroyed at Chicago O'Hare airport terminal. The takeaway: Viral training video is an excellent tool for consumer advocacy because it’s likely that you're not the only person who is annoyed. In cases like this, United was inundated with additional issues after United Breaks Guitars.
8. All the Sole Babies
Ad Firm: Individual Generated
Why it works: The huge recognition of this video recording, a baby dance to a Beyonce melody, is channeling advertising earnings and donations into his school account. This quick a reaction to a YouTube reach shows us the toddler's father has steps of his own — something slow advertisers can study from.
9. Man Catches Laptop along with his Butt
Marketer: MSI Computers
Ad Company: N/A
Why it works: In much just how Airplane parodies catastrophe videos, this cheeseball video recording spoofs previous year's viral training video hit Ray-Ban's Person Catches Eyeglasses with Face. The within joke is excatly why we selected the video because of this year's Top 10. If you are not on the net, you don't obtain it. But also for the a huge number who found Ray-Ban's video, from the wink and a nod, and an ironic indication that the viral training video medium is maturing (or not).
10. JK Wedding Dance
Marketer: Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz
Ad Organization: N/A
Why it works: A couple's wedding entourage dances down the aisle to Chris Brown's songs "Forever," springboarding this training video into viral background (at least for '09). Rather than stripping the video recording of its music — something copyright owners are allowed to do on YouTube — Sony used its level of popularity to market more Chris Dark brown albums

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